Friday, April 9, 2010

ESPN: The Masters is Bigger Than Woods

There were ten golfers with the same score or lower than Tiger Woods after completion of the first round of the Masters. Tiger Woods was not leading after the initial round, but you would have thought he was already ahead by ten or twelve shots. ESPN's Sports Center coverage this morning centered around Mr. Woods. He had his own long segment when the show came on the air. The first round leader, Fred Couples (above), wasn't mentioned until about 15 minutes later and he was grouped with remainder of the ten I mentioned above. Is the media covering the Masters, or Tiger Woods? It appears to me they're making his "comeback" bigger than the tournament itself. And it isn't really a comeback. If you want to talk about a golf comeback, all you have to do is recall Ben Hogan's return after his near fatal automobile accident in 1949. Hogan was returning after being run over by a Greyhound, which resulted in a shattered pelvis, broken collarbone, and fractured ankle. Now that was a comeback of dynamic proportions. All Woods wrecked was his image, and if he hadn't been stupid with his cell phone, his indiscretions would still be continuing as I type. Give me a break. He is a great golfer. Perhaps the greatest of all-time. But there are other very talented golfers on the PGA Tour, and all of them are playing in Augusta this week. Give them their attention and focus when they earn it and deserve it.

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