Monday, June 2, 2008

Face of the Program

ESPN is giving college football fans the chance to decide the "Face of the Program". Every football college has a Face of the Program: an icon who defines the program. A direct association or identifier, if you will. For the University of Georgia several, perhaps even many, names could justifiably be presented. Any program with a storied history like Georgia should elicit many images and names. Based on recent history, anyone in the Bulldog Nation would immediately name the two "Davids", Greene and Pollack. From entirely different eras Vernon "Catfish" Smith, Frankie Sinkwich, Charlie Trippi, Theron Sapp, and Fran Tarkenton are certainly legitimate among others. You could even go with a different line of thinking and name non-players in Larry Munson, Vince Dooley, and of course, UGA himself. In reality, anyone who has played for Georga, coached at Georgia, or made contributions (I'm not referring to monetary ones either) to the program all make up the Face of the Program. Absolutely! No question about it. However, if you must make me select one, I would have to go with the 'Big Boy" from Wrightsville, Georgia, the one and only #34 Herschel Walker. There are a lot of bricks in the foundation, but Herschel is the rock! For me, he is our "Face of the Program".

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