Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Braves and Teixeira: Deal or No Deal

As Major League Baseball approaches the All-Star break, contending teams are jockeying for position and the trade rumors are flowing. Atlanta's Mark Teixeira is right in the thick of those rumors. A switch hitting power hitter looks enticing to a number of clubs, and some feel he is expendable because the Braves most likely will not resign him for next year. But then again, it is also felt that Atlanta would not trade him now because they think they can still make a serious run to make the playoffs. I don't think this team can make the playoffs this year. Something is missing from this edition of the Braves, but I can't define yet what it is that's missing. I think it might be one of those intangible things that are always hard to identify. That being said, if Atlanta can trade Tex and get a quality player(s) in return, make the deal. You're not going to get anything for him next year anyway, so cut your losses now. You gave up more than enough to get him for the short haul anyway, so if the suitors are calling, let him go. The Braves and Mark Teixeira might be faced with Howie's popular question: Deal or No Deal! Good Luck!

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