Monday, July 7, 2008

Michael Phelps: A Virtual Swimming Machine

Remember the name: Michael Phelps. You will hear it many times before the Olympics are finished this summer. He might even reach "household" recognition status. After all, he very well could bring back to America more swimming Gold Medals than did Mark Spitz, and Spitz became one of those household names himself. As you probably recall, Spitz won a total of seven Olympic Golds in the 1972 Munich Olympics. Can't you still picture that image of him in Sports Illustrated with all that gold draped around his neck? Heck, "Mr T." was envious of that stash! Nevertheless, Phelps has completed his program of eight events at the U.S. Olympic Trails in Omaha. He set two world records of the seven total that were Broken at the trials. He will swim in eight events including relays in Beijing. The Summer Olympic games of the XXIX Olympiad will be held August 8-24 in Beijing, China.

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