Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Snake" Eyes and 3 D.U.I.s

Alabama color analyst Kenny "The Snake" Stabler has been given a leave of absence from the broadcast booth for the 2008 football season. This follows his recent arrest on a drunken driving charge. He will devote full attention to the problems in his personal life. The Snake has two other DUIs in his past, the first in 1995 and the next in 2001. He has been the Tide's color commentator for the past ten years. Alabama fans love his style in the booth and adore him as one of their all-time greats, but they aren't surprised by this third arrest. His reputation precedes him. He's always been known as one of the hardest drinkers to don the crimson and white. He couldn't fathom why his ex-wives didn't understand that he just wanted to ride around in his truck and drink Jack Daniels. (Maybe you should have cleared that up in a pre-nup, Kenny, or had the preacher say "Do you take Kenny, 'Jack' in one hand, steering wheel in the other!). Oh well...Good luck to Kenny and I hope he makes it back to the booth in 2009. But first get some help and get well before you hurt yourself, or worse, someone else.

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