Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brett Favre: There is No 'Semi-Retired' in the NFL!

There isn't really much more to comment on this subject. It has reached clandestine soap opera proportions now. Perhaps, Brett's Search For Tomorrow or As the Packer's World Turns. Or how about a good 'ole twang-twang country song, I Can't Give You My All...But on Sunday Give Me The Ball. I know, enough is enough. Let's break it down and see if it's first and ten or fourth and long. Brett Favre officially retired from football earlier this year. In March, he talks to the Packers about coming back. He calls them back 48 hours later and says no, I'm retired. The team makes their plans to move on without him, officially naming Aaron Rogers as the Green Bay starting quarterback. This week, Favre changes his mind yet again and wants to come back. The Pack says Rogers is our starting QB. Brett asks for his outright release from the team, but the Packers front office refuses to grant that. So, you want to punt or go for it all? Now Favre must petition the league office for reinstatement, which they will grant. At that point he becomes a member of the Green Bay Packers under the terms of his previous contract, and he must report to training camp later this month. The Packers do not want to release Brett and run the risk of seeing him sign with a division rival (Minnesota or Chicago), but they don't want to to pay him $12 million to be a back-up to Rogers, and they certainly don't want that atmosphere around their organization. What does Brett want? He wants to play football on Sundays without doing all the prep and work Tuesday through Friday. I don't blame him, but it just won't work that way. I like him and I like the way he has always played the game, but now it's time to either ride off into the Sunset (just like "The Duke"!) or commit to being a full-time football player. He will either report to camp or he won't, and the Packers will either keep him, release him, or trade him. Not the best of times to be a member of the "Packer Nation", because as of now: All bets are off!

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