Thursday, July 17, 2008

M.L.B. All-Star Game

After Major League Baseball's All-Star marathon classic Tuesday night, some concerns have prompted those interested in the game to wonder if changes need to be made to the game. The primary question coming out of the game is one relating to roster size. Managers are caught in the dilemma of wanting to get all the players in the game, but at the same time, being concerned that they will have enough players on their bench if the game goes into extra innings (you know, like perhaps 15 innings!). Then there are the pitchers who are concerned about pitching too many innings, or going over a certain pitch count. And you also have closers who are up and down in the bullpen when a game runs long, and they too become conscious of pitch counts. All of this really is a big deal because there is something at stake now. The winning league wins home field advantage for its representative in the World Series. That is a benefit not to be taken lightly. It translates into an advantage in the Series. So to help out the managers, players, as well as the fans, let's expand the roster for pitchers only and implement a system of free, or open, substitution for position players. I'm not saying turn it into a softball game, just put some rules on the way players can return to the game after being taken out. Take some of the pressure off of the managers, and benefit the players at the same time. Pitchers will be less likely to be overused, and a guy pulled in the 3rd inning might just be called upon to re-enter the game in the 12th. It needs a lot of 'tweaking', but it could work...possibly...?

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