Tuesday, July 29, 2008

College Football: Just How Much Longer...

Even with the first game more than a month away, the only thing fans in the South want to talk about is college football. The sports pages are more into it, the blogs are all over it, and the magazines are all about those infamous preseason predictions. Every team is undefeated at this point, anyone can beat any other one, and the grand prize is there to be taken by any one of a "cast of thousands". Guys are studying schedules, learning not only 'who' you play, but 'when' and 'where' you play them. Football is king, especially in the south, and the SEC is king of the south. Forget the ACC, they're a basketball conference. Oh sure, they'll always have two or three somewhat strong teams, but they are light years away from being the strong top to bottom league the SEC is. They like to pretend football is a big deal, but once they loose several gridiron contests all they can say is "just wait until basketball season". Baseball even lasts too long for die hard football fans, especially when the Braves go down the tubes this early. I once thought that baseball's All Star Game should be played after the World Series until I realized football would kill that game. Forget it. The countdown has long since begun. Bring on the pigskin!

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