Sunday, July 20, 2008

Durant Brooks: It's Signing Time!

The Washington Redskins announced that they have signed rookie punter Durant Brooks to a four year contract. The contract is reportedly a $1.821 million deal with a $116,450 signing bonus. His rookie pay will be $295,000 this year. In 2009 he will be paid $385,000, in 2010 $470,000, and in 2011 $555,000. He would become a free agent in 2012. All of this is contingent upon Brooks making the Redskins squad of course. He will battle incumbent punter Derrick Frost for the starting job. The Redskins drafted Durant in the 7th round earlier this year in the NFL draft. He was selected for his ability to boom long distance punts with great hang time, as well as for his knack for reversing field position in favor of his team. Even though he is the rookie in this duel, he is the man to beat, not vice-versa. Frost is an adequate NFL punter at best, and you don't use a draft pick, regardless of the round, on a specialty player if you aren't confident he can cut it. Brooks will be given every opportunity available to make this team, but he won't be given the job. He'll earn that on his own!

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