Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jeremy Shockey - The Deal is Done

I was not surprised that Jeremy Shockey was traded from the New York Giants to the New Orleans Saints this week. You had to know his time in the 'Big Apple' was up, you just weren't sure he would land in the 'Big Easy'. The Giants view Shockey's negatives to their team on a greater scale than they do his positives. He sulks, and pouts, and has tantrums, but he also plays a pretty mean tight end. It is true he has dropped his share of passes, but his blocking his one of his stronger attributes. He remains a very good all-around NFL tight end. The change of environment will be good for him in New Orleans. He will thrive under the Saints' down field passing attack, and he will add a new dimension to their offensive scheme. You will also see a more contented Shockey, a more intense Shockey, and a more productive Shockey. He's a good addition to the Saints roster. The Giants will not miss his attitude in New York, but down the road they might just miss his talent. That will remain to be seen. Nevertheless, they are pleased that Shock is now a part of Giants' history. Sounds like one of those deals that might turn out benefiting both teams.

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