Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phil Mickelson: If Only You Would

Ten Reasons Phil Mickelson will not win the 2008 British Open:

1. Only 1 Top 10 in 15 starts in The Open.

2. He hits the ball too high to negotiate British Open winds.

3. He has trouble combining all facets of his game to score well in Open conditions.

4. His mind tends to 'leave the course' at times during major tournaments.

5. His game is too erratic; ranging from fantastic to utterly terrible.

6. The weather forecast is not for "warm", which he much prefers.

7. He just doesn't seem to 'want it' bad enough.

8. No "lefty" has won the British Open in 45 years.

9. He isn't playing particularly well going into the tournament.

10. Because I would really love to see him finally win the Claret Jug!

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