Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh You Rennie Curran!

University of Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran #35. Remember the name and memorize the number. Coming soon directly into the face of a quarterback near you. The coaches say he doesn't take the routes to the ball carrier they would prefer, but they don't harp too much on that anymore. Because he still gets to the point of impact so fast and with so much authority that it's really a mute point. His pursuit is unreal, a linebacker with that much quickness, agility, and hostility. A lethal combination of weapons. He'll be a highlight reel all by himself.You haven't heard as much about Georgia's defense as you have the offense and that's o.k. In fact it pretty normal. Don't "chicks" dig the offensive guys? The Staffords, Morenos, and Massaquois grab the headlines and the limelight. Not to worry. Rennie Curran and his defensive colleagues will be a household names before the 2008 season has aged very much. They will pick up just where they left off in the Sugar Bowl: Directly in the face of opposing offenses!

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