Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jason Taylor - A Fish Out of Water!

If all the media talk we heard concerning the Miami Dolphins was anywhere near accurate, then Bill Parcells must be a happy man. He has bid farewell to Jason Taylor. Not only that, he has been able to have his way once again. That is a habit of his, getting his way. The Burger King slogan doesn't fly around Parcells because you cannot have it your way. Only his way, or else the highway. When he is rebuilding a franchise, he wants his signature on the blueprint. His players, his coaches, his team, and his way. He evidently wasn't too pleased to have a defensive end "Dancing With the Stars", so JT has been relegated to war dances with the Redskins. And just like the Jeremy Shockey trade we talked about earlier, this too will be a good transaction for both teams. Taylor leaves a team that had a single victory in 2007, and although he goes to a very balanced division, he will be in a competitive situation. He has said he wants to play one more year, but he will be in a 'Skins uniform longer than that. At just about the time Jason goes to Hollywood full time, that will be about the time to see if Parcells has been successful with his "Fish". Two things are certain: Taylor will be successful in D.C., and Parcells will have it his way in Miami.

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