Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Knowshon Moreno: Just a Little R & R

When you think of Knowshon Moreno, you think of high energy, a motor that is always running at full speed, and contagious exuberance. But even Georgia's star tailback gets a little low on the octane sometimes. With all the preseason hype surrounding the Bulldog football program, quarterback Matthew Stafford, and Moreno there are an awful lot of things coming very fast at these young men. Recently, it just got to be a little too much for Moreno. He was trying to accommodate everyone while being pulled in a thousand different directions. The decision was made with Knowshon, his family, and the UGA coaches that a couple of weeks at home in New Jersey would provide a great break for him. He could be himself, not the star tailback. He could do "normal" things away from the attention of being a University of Georgia football player. After all, he went from being an obscure red-shirt freshman to now becoming a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. There are not many places Moreno can go in the state of Georgia where he would not be recognized and swarmed upon. The image of the player Moreno in his number 24 jersey can be seen on the cover of preseason football publications in grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. That number 24 jersey can be found in malls and sporting goods stores, thus on the backs of thousands of Dawg fans young and old alike. The kid can run, but he sure can't hide! So Knowshon went home to Jersey, chilled out and got refocused. Now he's back in Athens, refreshed and ready to go. And no you 'Anti-Dawgs', he didn't get sent home for disciplinary reasons. He just went home so he wouldn't get burned out and so he would be ready to "Burn You Up"!

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