Thursday, December 11, 2008

C.C. Sabathia: "Cash Cash"

The mighty Yankees have struck again. Have pen, will write big check! Free Agent C.C Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees yesterday for $161 million over seven years. The largest contract ever awarded to a starting pitcher (you know, they don't play everyday!), and the fourth largest contract in Major League Baseball history. There's no recession is the 'Big Leagues' baby! Perhaps the big three auto makers should have gone to MLB for their bail-out request instead of Congress. At least he Yanks have money to burn. One aspect of this contract that I found interesting was that Sabathia has an 'opt-out' clause after three years. This means that at the three year mark he will have the option of remaining with New York or signing with another team. In other words, he can be a free agent again at that point, giving him a shorter stint with the Yankees if he finds his stay there not as burgeoning as his bank account. That sounds like to me that he really would have preferred signing with another club now, but that almighty dollar was tugging him harder that a new jock strap. That's because his next closest deal was by the Brewers for only $100 million over five years. Incidentally, the Yankees initial offer was for $140 million. So you bump your own offer $21 million when you're the lead dog anyway? Go figure... I guess MLB is really just "the Yankees' World", and all the other clubs are just livin' in it!

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