Sunday, December 7, 2008

Florida 31 - Alabama 20

The SEC championship game did not disappoint us. By far, the two best teams in the SEC, as well as, two of the best teams in the country, squared off and punched and counter-punched all night. The outcome was not determined until very late in the fourth quarter, and the game was much closer than the eleven point margin of victory. It was great to see two teams so well prepared, so well coached, and so disciplined show up and perform in one of the nation's most anticipated match-ups of the entire college football season. The level of intensity and desire to win was evident with both teams. The SEC was very well represented and showcased Saturday afternoon. I get tired of the media's hallowed admiration of Florida's Tim Tebow, but I must admit, there is not a better leader of a team in the nation than is he. Tebow simply would not let his team be defeated. On the other sideline, no one expected Nick Saban to have the Crimson Tide playing at this level in only his second year at Alabama. They just picked the absolute worst time to suffer their first loss of the season. One would have to admit that below these two top-notched programs, the level of play in the SEC dropped off considerably this year. Alabama and Florida are just that much better than everyone else in the conference. I know that Georgia lost to both of these teams during the regular season, and they would have lost to either of them yesterday as well. The Gators and Tide have raised the bar to a new level, and Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn and everyone else must improved tremendously to compete at that same level.

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