Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just A Little Bowl Talk...

O.K., I'll go along with Florida versus Oklahoma for the National Championship. There is still reasonable debate on that point, but they just very well might be the two best teams in college football. It should really be a game to look forward to. But after that, oh brother! For example, if the Gators and the Sooners are one and two, then Texas and Alabama have to be three and four (which they are in the BCS). Why not pit those two teams in another terrific match-up in a particular bowl. Any bowl for crying out loud. Have a pecking order that rotates each year. If we're never going to have a playoff, at least get some great games lined up in the bowls. And for goodness sake, put an end to the conference tie-ups and affiliations with certain bowls. I can't imagine the Orange Bowl being ecstatic about having Virginia Tech playing Cincinnati. But being locked in with the fabulous Atlantic Coast Conference, they are stuck with a FOUR loss conference champ Vaaaa Tech. The grand ole Orange Bowl with a four loss team...mercy! I would have figured that four loss teams would play in something like the GM/Ford/Chrysler Bail-Out Bowl, but not one of the "Grandaddys". Is Ole Miss the best the Cotton Bowl could come up to face explosive Texas Tech? And does Southern Cal have to play in the Rose Bowl practically every year? And always against the Big Ten? That venue would sell out every year with any great match-up from any section of the country. Put the football in it, and get the politics out of it. Everyone will make their millions anyway, so why not appease the fans? At least get the top ten or twelve teams interestingly competing in the top five or six bowls. If that got accomplished, I'll ventue to say more of the 'other' bowls would have better pairings. But what we have is what we will continue to have because the 'need for greed' is far too great.

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