Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mark Richt is Ready For Playoff

For a long time, Georgia's Mark Richt was o.k. with college football's postseason bowl games. However, all that has changed with him and he is ready to see a four or eight team playoff implemented to determine college football's national champion. He believes sentiment is changing along those lines with college coaches, and even with college presidents. Perhaps they are tired of having to convince pollsters to vote for their teams when it could be decided between the chalk lines. It seems as if the vast majority of college football enthusiasts favor some type of playoff system, but for purely political reasons it just can't seem to get accomplished and become a reality. Why not establish a panel of major college colleges to review the suggestions and proposals for a playoff? Let the panel of coaches study them, break them down, debate them and select what they determine is the best system for college football. Come on guys, it isn't like you're trying to re-discover the wheel or anything. It can be done rather easily, and in a way that would actually enhance the bowls rather than hurt them. And on top of that, everyone would still get their almighty dollar, and probably more than what is being raked in now. And that is already a ton! Stop all the talk. Just get it done.

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