Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stafford & Moreno Weigh Options

Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno have petitioned to the NFL to project where they might be selected in the upcoming NFL draft. This draft committee gives a rough estimate to the collegian as to which round he is likely to be selected in. However, the committee does not try to project the actual selection number. This process usually takes as much as two to three weeks, and then the player has until January 15 to declare for the draft. Both Stafford and Moreno have said repeatedly that they have not made a decision at this time. Both the NFL owners as well as the Player's Association would like to see some type of rookie salary cap set up. This would mean that first year NFL players would have their salaries set, thus ending monetary contract negotiations for them. Some believe that could happen as early as the 2010 draft, which could mean literally millions of dollars for guys coming into the draft this coming year. You think that won't factor in tremendously in the decisions that are made in the next three weeks? The NFL is so in love with Stafford's arm that he might not be served well with another year at Georgia, but I think Moreno has so much more to show everyone with his vast talent. If he should choose to remain a Dawg, he will play behind a stronger, more experienced offensive line. He very well could have a Heisman Trophy type year. I hope we get to see that. Anyway, January 15th is not that for away. We'll know for sure then...

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