Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Georgia's "Spring Fling"

The Georgia Bulldogs Begin their 2010 spring practices this Thursday with all eyes on the quarterback position, and many eyes on the new 3-4 defense being installed. Red-shirt freshmen Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger will battle for the starting quarterback role along with junior Logan Gray. The red-shirts, of course, have no college game experience at the position and Gray has very limited playing time. I read a quote from offensive coordinator/quarterback coach Mike Bobo that was as follows: "You never want to start a year when you've got an unknown at the quarterback position...". Obviously, the Bulldogs will certainly begin the 2010 campaign with an unknown, inexperienced signal caller. I don't think it really had to be this way. There were times during the 2009 season when Logan Gray could have been used in 'meaningful' series, not mop up work. He could have gained a lot more valuable experience than he was allowed. Going further, I've never understood why we wanted the two freshmen on the same eligibility run. I believe one of the red-shirts could have been burned last year. I understand the argument against that being that Mettenberger wasn't ready and Murray was injured the first half of the season.. I still contend that one half of a season's experience would have been worth the spent eligibility for one of the freshman. But since all that is old news, I too look forward to the competition of the QBs. It will be interesting to see who leads the 'Dawgs out of the desert and into the land of milk and honey!

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