Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matt Diaz: The Consummate Professional

Matt Diaz is not upset that Jason Heyward is the starting right fielder for the Atlanta Braves. Even though this revelation sends Matty back to a part-time or platoon type role, you won't hear the veteran outfielder complain. In fact, Diaz is excited about what Heyward brings to the ball club. He's also been playing for Bobby Cox long enough to know that the Braves skipper always finds a way to get his roster players playing time. With "Matty D" being the type of hitter who can really get hot at the plate and literally carry a team for a stretch, Cox always seems to get his guys who are on a roll into the lineup. No matter how this all works out for the four Braves outfielders, it's great to have a class act like Matt Diaz in your clubhouse. And not to worry, Diaz will play often and he'll play well.

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