Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michigan: Will It Be 'Right at Night'?

Darkness will envelope the "Big House" on September 10, 2011. No, I'm not speculating that coach Rich Rodriguez will be run out of Ann Arbor that night. That is the date of the first night game at Michigan Stadium, and it will come against hated rival Notre Dame. (and that just about translates into hated by all!). But I digress. At any rate, 110,000 fans will grope about in the dark Michigan night looking perhaps for hope for a lost program. A storied football program filled to the brim with years of tradition. Traditions like Bo, 'Touching the Banner', the Victors' walk, and of course one of the most famous fight songs in all of college football. Heck, even Gisele Bundchen's husband played there. However, the thrill of victory has been lost in Ann Arbor and replaced by the agony of Rodriguez. Rich-Rod is an unheard of 8 and 16 at Michigan since he skipped out of West Virginia. One could say the natives are somewhat restless (yea, like Tiger Woods is somewhat unfaithful!). Again, I digress. The important thing is that it will be an historic evening when the Wolverines and the Irish meet in the night in 2011.The question is, will Rich Rodriguez be there among all that darkness?

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