Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NFL: Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs?

I'm reminded of the Jim Mora press conference where he goes off on the subject of playoffs, and keeps repeating the word "playoffs" in the form of a question. The National Football League is looking into a proposal to change the overtime format for playoff games. My first question is why just for the playoffs? The regular season games determine which teams make it into the playoffs anyway. If you're changing it for post season, adopt the same format for the regular season as well. The proposal by the league states that if the team winning the coin toss scores only a field goal, the opposing team gets the ball to try and match ,or beat, the 3 pointer. If the team with the ball first scores a touchdown, the playoff game would be over, just like the present format. Why not just say that each team gets to have the ball on offense at least one time? That way not quite as much would be riding on the coin flip, or relying so heavily on the element of 'chance'. The only exception to that would be in the case of a defensive score. Sounds simple enough to me...

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