Saturday, November 15, 2008

Georgia 17 - Auburn 13

I've heard it said before after a really good, hard-fought game that neither team deserved to lose. Well after the Georgia - Auburn game today, all I can say is that neither team deserved to win. Even though Georgia prevailed 17-13 and 'improved' (?) to 9-2, it was one of the 'worst' victories I can remember in a long time. Again for the second week in a row, the Bulldogs managed to hang on at the very end to defeat another lesser opponent they should have dominated by at least 21 points. Auburn is not a very good football team, and Georgia seems to deteriorate weekly right before our eyes. The Dawgs lack discipline, and they don't play with the intense fire that fuels motivation. They don't appear to be fundamentally sound, and here we are in the 11th week of the season. There is an off-week for Georgia before they face in-state rival Georgia Tech in Athens (by the way we've played, we had several off-weeks lately). Maybe, just maybe, Mark Richt's troops can hang in there one more time this year. However, with the consistent downward trend of quality football (or lack thereof), played by Georgia over the last several weeks, the Jackets might be the ones to make the Bulldogs 'pay for poor play'. It really hurts this die-hard Dawg fan to realize that...

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