Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Georgia vs Kentucky Preview

Now we get over the Florida blasting and move on to Lexington where Kentucky always plays Georgia tough. In fact the Wildcats defeated the Dawgs there two years ago. Although all the preseason goals that were set are now gone, there is still much to play for. We won't win the SEC East, much less the SEC. Neither will we play for the mythical National Championship, or even a BCS Bowl. However, a 10-2 season would be envied by many teams, and it will certainly appear better looking back on it later. If you don't think so, do the math and see how it looks if we were to lose 1,2, or 3 more this year. And being the traditional Bulldog fan that I am, we sure the heck better 'Wreck Tech"! As far as I'm concerned, Kentucky and Auburn are just tune-ups for the Jackets. Whether we end up in the Outback Bowl, Outhouse Bowl, or somewhere in between, just BEAT GEORGIA TECH! See, I told you there was still a lot to play for...

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