Friday, November 21, 2008

Tech Runs Miami Into Submission

As an avid Georgia fan, I must pause and give Georgia Tech their due and congratulate them on a very impressive 41-23 thrashing of the Miami Hurricanes Thursday night (You know those Jackets like those Thursday night tilts!). Even though in my heart of hearts I would have much preferred to see the 'Canes prevail, I do think it was best for Georgia that Tech won this contest. Now they will come to Athens next week so confident and full of themselves they they will almost be foolishly cocky. And on the flip side, the Bulldogs got to see first hand how impressive the triple option offense can be when run so well. And the Bees did run it exceptionally well last night. With that in mind, now Georgia knows they cannot take Tech lightly. 472 rushing yards is no fluke, and while Miami isn't Alabama, they aren't Susie Dasher Elementary either. Tech raised Georgia's sense of urgency a lot last night. It will take a supreme defensive effort for the Dawgs to slow up Tech's offense. They will have to play the option better than they did against Georgia Southern and Kentucky, and neither of those teams runs it as efficiently as does Paul Johnson's Yellow Jackets. Georgia must play disciplined, assignment football, they must tackle well, and they cannot commit penalties to help Tech sustain drives. These are all things Mark Richt's Bulldogs have not done a good job of in any recent games. Having said all of that, I do anticipate Georgia playing very well in their first game back "Between the Hedges" in more that four weeks! Tech will not have it so easy next Saturday as they did on 'Amateur Night' in Atlanta. I do not anticipate ever offering congratulations to a Georgia Tech football team again. I certainly have not enjoyed trying to be so 'politically correct' with them today. Perhaps last night will be end up being their final victory of the 2008 season. Now that feels much better. Go Dawgs, WRECK TECH!

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