Saturday, November 8, 2008

Georgia 42 - Kentucky 38

A win is a win is a win. And pretty doesn't have to figure into the final score. That's a relief, 'cause pretty wasn't around Saturday afternoon in Lexington where Georgia defeated Kentucky in an exciting manner 42-38. What you see from Georgia now is about what you're going to get from here on out this season. Everyone will be in the game against us. If our opponent isn't as good as us don't worry, we'll play down to their competition level. We won't embarrass them or blow them out because even though we can score, we probably will not hinder their scoring efforts when we need to either. And there is a good chance we'll keep them in the game by committing a crucial penalty or turnover, or by making a special teams blunder. We at least showed some resiliency against the Wildcats. We came from behind. We made big plays. We were competitive. We survived victoriously to play another day, and this time it will be on the road yet again against Auburn. I just hope we compete again and win again. And then rest for two weeks and 'Wreck Tech'. 10 and 2 sounds better every week...

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