Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aaron Murray: Turn Him Loose & Let Him Play

Following Saturday's loss to South Carolina, Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said of quarterback Aaron Murray: "We wanted to protect our guy on the road. He was ready to play ball. I've just got to do a better job giving him a chance". Head coach Mark Richt added: "I thought Murray played pretty good actually. We've just got to allow him to play ball. Just treat him more like a veteran". So the head man and his offensive coordinator both admit, in a round about way, that they have been too conservative with Murray. The thing I don't get is that Georgia signed him out of one of the premier high school programs in the country, Tampa's Plant High. He was one of the most sought after quarterback prospects in the country. He was an 'Elite 11' quarterback. I realize the college game is a step up from prep ball, but he's been in the Georgia system for over a year as a redshirt. He's talented, he's mature,he's poised, he has a pedigree. Why would you hold the kid back? Let him use all his talent to give Georgia the best chance to win. That's what you recruited and signed him for. The Georgia coaching staff has a mindset that freshmen are not ready to walk on the Athens campus and play immediately. Heck, they play everywhere else in the country. Is the Bulldog system that complex, complicated, diverse and elaborate that it cannot be picked-up by a rookie? It doesn't seem to be on the field from a fan's perspective. If it is, let's start over with the playbook and make better use of the talent we know that is on the Dawg roster. As they say, "it ain't brain surgery".

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