Sunday, September 12, 2010

The ACC: A Basketball Conference Now More Than Ever

Check this out sports fans: Georgia Tech loses to unranked Kansas, Florida State gets demolished by Oklahoma, Miami is throttled by Ohio State, and highly ranked Virginia Tech is ambushed by FCS program James Madison. On a single Saturday when the ACC could have stepped up and proven itself as an elite football conference, they fell back on their true moniker of 'basketball conference'. For example, "Yellow Tech's" defeat was at the hands of a Jayhawks team who was working on a two-season eight game losing streak. Both Miami and FSU were expected to compete evenly with OSU and Oklahoma respectively. But the Seminoles were blown out and the Hurricanes lost by a not close twelve. The Hokies of Virginia Tech was to be the premier program of the conference, instead they are 0-2 after succumbing to a program they should have handled easily. But the good news for these four benchmark programs is that they get to play in the Atlantic Coast Conference where the competition week in and week out is weaker than a Mike's Hard Lemonade. But be careful, Wake Forest upset Duke in your own powerful conference yesterday. Now all of you boys go have a fine season, because somebody has to play in the ACC Championship Game. And basketball season is looming large...

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