Monday, September 6, 2010

A.J Green: What's Really Going On?

This A.J. Green saga really perplexes me. I'll admit, I have no law degree so the legal (as in NCAA) part I could be missing something. While I'm confessing here, neither did I attend the police academy, so the detective part of this situation might be throwing me a curve as well. However, from the tidbit of information given to us up to this point, I understand this "Greengate" to be about whether or not #8 attended some agent related party in Miami or not. If there is more to the situation than that, I don't know about it but I hope Georgia knows all about it. Mark Richt isn't allowed to talk about it. A.J. Green cannot comment on his ordeal. The university president can only say that lawyers are handling the case. What's this super-duper gag order all about? The 'Dawg Nation' is under the impression that A.J. Green is one heck of a good kid, and I think we should continue with that feeling. If Green says, and he does, that he did not go to Miami, hasn't ever been to Miami, and has no plans to go any further south than Jacksonville for at least the next couple of months, isn't that really easy to prove? Does the above mentioned 'Dawg Nation' need to pool their resources together and hire a private investigator to verify the where-a-bouts of Mr. Green on the specified date? If the kid is as innocent as we all believe him to be, why is he being unjustifiably punished? One would think the collective efforts of Michael Adams, Greg McGarity, and Mark Richt would be enough to cut through the red tape and resolve this unfortunate dilemma. What am I missing here? What's really going on? Does anyone other than the NCAA really know? I'm still perplexed.

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