Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dawgs -vs- Hawgs: Big Game or Must Win for UGA?

Let me assure you, when Georgia meets Arkansas in Athens Saturday it will be a must win situation for the Bulldogs. It became a big game as soon as the schedules were released, and it became a must win as soon as the lights went out on the Dawgs in Carolina last Saturday. If Georgia opens up the season with two consecutive SEC defeats, the heat and pressure on this team and coaching staff will be up in the unbearable vicinity. Two SEC losses would be next to impossible to recover from this year. It would mean that the Bulldogs really have declined to a second-tier conference program. None of the above would be very pretty as far as the Bulldawg Nation is concerned. But so much for the downside. If Georgia does prevail 'Between the Hedges' Saturday afternoon, things start to look bright in the classic city once again. The Eastern Division title hopes are rekindled, and order would be restored. We have to admit, for the first time in forever, the East is down this year. In addition, UGA's Western schedule isn't as tough as it has been in recent years. There is plenty of light at the end of this tunnel at this point. With all of that being said, Georgia must improve as a football team in EVERY phase of the game. They must play much better than they did against South Carolina. Furthermore, they must become a team that improves week by week, every week. If that happens, everything will turn out to be "dawglicious". If not, get the women and children off the street 'cause this could get ugly...

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