Sunday, September 5, 2010

UGA: The Learning Curve

Georgia 55 - Louisiana Lafayette 7: What we learned:

  • Todd Grantham is seriously passionate about his Dawgs playing lights out defense

  • His tolerance for mental mistakes is minimal at most

  • Aaron Murray will do things we won't expect a rookie quarterback to do

  • He will also do things to remind us he is indeed a rookie quarterback

  • We could do worse than have Hutson Mason as our #2 quarterback

  • The NCAA has the power to make a school feel as if it has to sit out an innocent kid (from all the information we have been allowed to know) as Georgia did when it did not let A.J. Green play Saturday.

  • What we did not learn is what the heck did A.J. Green do, or not do

  • Our experienced offensive line still has much work to do to look experienced

  • Whatever we learned this Saturday will be nothing compared to what we will learn next Saturday in Columbia against South Carolina

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