Sunday, November 4, 2012

Alabama 21 - LSU 17: When Les Really Was Less

LSU head coach Les Miles has made risky, unorthodox calls his entire career as the Bengal Tigers boss. He has developed the reputation as an "anytime, anywhere, any situation, any play call" kind of guy. Until last night, his uncanny ability to pull unlikely victory out of his "Mad Hat" has reaped tremendous benefits for LSU. But not last night against Alabama. He faked a field goal when he should have gone for the points; he attempted a long field goal when he should have punted; he tried an on-sides kickoff just when his team had stolen momentum, and he went for it on fourth down when he should have gone for the three points. I guess that just about covers it. Not to say any of that isn't normal for Miles, just to say it's odd to see it backfire on him so often in the same game. A big game. A crucial game. A winner-take-all game. I don't know if that was just 'Les being Les', or if it was Les not having full confidence in his team to win the game on their own merit. They definitely could have. This one's on you Les.

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