Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jimbo Fisher: Yes, He Would Leave FSU

Jimbo Fisher has been at Florida State for several years. He was the "coach-in-waiting" under Bobby Bowden prior to Bowden's forced retirement. I think it's fair to say that the 'garnet and gold' is pretty much ingrained in Fisher. However, after having said all of that, I believe he would leave FSU for the right job. The right SEC job that is. His name has already been mentioned at Tennessee and Auburn, perhaps even Arkansas. This has nothing to do with FSU at all, but has everything to do with the ACC. He realizes things are not going to change for football as long as they are stuck in a basketball conference. Where conferences like the SEC import weak, lower division teams in to lightened their seasonal burden, the Atlantic Coast Conference has these caliber teams already built into their weak league. It's hard to play a tough football schedule when it's loaded with ACC teams. Therefore, the strength of schedule factor goes down the drain. Literally and figuratively. If the truth were to be told, Florida State itself would love to be in the Southeastern Conference. Why not make a trade: Kentucky and Vanderbilt for FSU and Clemson? Two basketball schools to the ACC and two football schools to the SEC. Sounds like a plan to me. That's probably the only way the Seminoles would be able to keep Jimbo.  Just sayin...

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BuLLdawg said...

Jimbo Fisher knew that when he took the job there at FSU as the coach in waiting before they FIRED Booby Bowden, only to see all those now-tainted wins by Joe Papa be scratched from the records, and for good reason.

One has to think that FSU knew all this, not just Booby Bowden when he said at time : What do I look stupid ? Play all those great programs in The SEC, or come here to the ACC where I can be king of the hill ?

There is still the automatic qualifier, and clearly FSU should be that, anyway, right ?

If there are those easy wins for FSU, though, why has FSU lost a 6-5 NC State ?

It is true that there are all these wins to be racked-up in the all cupcake conference because for all 10 of FSU's wins, 1 is over a team who is ranked in any top 25 poll, even, and that team has beat no team who is ranked in any top 25 poll. Now, they play 6-6 Georgie tek for the automatic qualifier, to make Georgie tek 6-7 before their bowl and Georgie tek has lost 7 consecutive bowl games - so that is then 6-8 Georgie tek 2012 that is all they had to beat to be in a BCS Bowl Game.

And, it's not just this year.

Last year, FSU lost to a 4-Loss Clempsum Farmers team and FSU lost last year to a 5-Loss Virginia team for heaven's sake both in the same year among 2 other losses for FSU last year, including a 6-7 Weak Forest team last year beat FSU.

It's also not just last year and this year.

2 years' ago, FSU lost to a 4-Loss NC State team, a 5-Loss North Carolina team, and FSU lost that season too to a 3-Loss Virginia Tech team in route to FSU's 4-Loss Season again.

3 years' ago, FSU was 7-6 with a full schedule full of teams beating them in the ACC 4-loss Miami of Florida, 5-Loss South Florida even, 5-Loss Boston College, 3-Loss Georgie tek, 5-Loss Clempsum Farmers, all those teams and more beat FSU 3 seasons' ago.

No. I think Jimbo Fisher needs to learn how to beat the cupcakes before he worries about getting a better job. His résumé doesn't look good to me, at all.

I don't think he beats Florida 3 days from now, either. He loses not only to the cupcakes, but to every good team he plays as well.