Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Mad Hatter & Mr. Freeze: Gonna Be Fun Watching Them Compete!

I can tell that it's going to be a lot of fun watching LSU's Les Miles go up against Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze(above) in the SEC West over the next several years. They both want to win badly, and they'll pull out all the stops to make that happen. Tonight in Baton Rouge, Freeze went for it on fourth down twice and was successful both times. Miles elected to go for a two-point conversion to tie the game in the fourth quarter, and his Tigers went on to defeat the Rebels 41-35. It was one of those games where both teams deserved to win, and as you might expect, the game turned on a special teams play by LSU and a critical roughing the passer penalty by Ole Miss. Freeze has his program in Oxford heading in the right direction. With consistent, quality recruiting over time, Ole Miss will become a serious factor in their division. But for any team, it will always be hard to win in Death Valley once the sun goes down. Just sayin...

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