Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tim Tebow: "He's Terrible"

An anonymous New York Jet teammate has labeled quarterback Tim Tebow as "terrible". Another Jet player who asked to stay unidentified added, "We don't look at him as a quarterback. He's the Wildcat guy." Even with these quotes out there, I think it's time to admit that the Pro game just doesn't fit Tebow, or vice-versa. He just doesn't have the passing skills to be successful in the NFL. I always thought the Canadian League would have been a better route for him to pursue. He could have used his toughness and running ability more there, and his arm would not have to carry his career so to speak. Nevertheless, I would like to see him succeed "in the arena", because we need guys like him who are not afraid to profess their faith publicly on a big stage. However, at this point I'm not sure how many other NFL teams will take a chance on him if it all falls apart in the Big Apple. Just sayin...

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