Friday, November 9, 2012

Bobby Petrino: Should He Have Another Shot Now?

Does Bobby Petrino deserve another shot at being an SEC head coach? His name has been mentioned in the expected Auburn opening. He has been talked about in a return to Arkansas.  It has been rumored he would be interested in talking with Kentucky officials. If any of this is accurate, I'm sure his name would surface if Derek Dolley is forced out at Tennessee as well. Whether any of this is fact or not, does Petrino deserve another chance this soon after being booted by Arkansas for character issues? I don't know about him being deserving, but I can tell you he will get another shot in the near future, and the reason I say this is because Bobby Petrino can flat out coach. In this world of big-time college football, winning is everything. Issues of character and bad judgement are quickly forgotten. If a guy can come in and win, his past transgressions are forgiven. As the Raiders Al Davis used to say, "just win baby". To put this in perspective, there are some Georgia faithful who believe Mark Richt will never take the Bulldogs to the upper echelons of college football because he puts his faith at the forefront of his life. They would rather he had UGA football as his number one purpose. It's all about wins and losses, not the character of the man. I don't want to go down this road now, but I'm just trying to convey my point that Petrino will be back on the sidelines sooner than you might think. Maybe not now, but soon. Just sayin...

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