Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Atlanta Falcons: The Quietest 8-0 Record Ever

The Atlanta Falcons own the only unblemished record in the National Football League. They have seemingly tip-toed through their schedule thus far with no hiccups. These Birds are good, but a lot of pundits are saying they have to win some playoff games to be taken seriously. Past post-season failures really have nothing to do with this year's edition of Atlanta's professional football team. They are a virtual lock to have the chance to play in and advance in this year's playoffs. Even though they have some challenging dates left, at New Orleans, Detroit, and the Giants at home, you have to like the room they have to work with. At some point soon, they will be playing for home field advantage in the post-season because they will clinch the division title early on. Keep your eye on the Falcons, that record want stay quiet much longer.

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