Friday, November 16, 2012

Life In The SEC: Only The Strong Survive

We all know that week-in and week-out the Southeastern Conference is a tough, physical conference. It's always tough to win on the road, and sometimes equally challenging at home. Just consider this about the top teams in the conference:
  • Florida beat Texas A&M, LSU, and South Carolina but lost to Georgia
  • South Carolina dominated Georgia but lost to LSU and Florida
  • LSU beat Texas A&M and South Carolina but lost to Florida and Alabama
  • Alabama squeaked by LSU but lost to Texas A&M
  • Georgia lost to South Carolina but hasn't experienced an SEC defeat since
These football teams beat up on each other every Saturday, but manage to stay nationally ranked due to the reputation and respect the conference has earned. If the BCS didn't have conference restrictions on their top tier bowls, all of the six teams mentioned above could occupy a spot in a BCS bowl. There's nothing like SEC football year-in and year-out. Just sayin...

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BuLLdawg said...

That is it. You named it. Well-done. Georgia beat # 2 Florida, who themselves beat # 7 LSU, # 8 Texas A and M, and # 9 South Carolina.

This represents the best win by any of the top BCS-ranked teams today.

Alabama beat # 7 LSU, who themselves beat # 8 Texas A and M and # 9 South Carolina.

This represents the 2nd best win by any of the top BCS-ranked teams today.

Alabama is # 4 and Georgia is # 5. We play each other 2 weeks' from tomorrow.

The winner of that game, gets a BUMP-UP in the polls that day for that team will either have :

(1) Beat # 6 Florida and # 4 Alabama


(2) Beat # 7 LSU and # 5 Georgia.

This is The SEC's finest hour, 2012. Never in our Strongest Conference in America, have we ever had 6 of the top 9 BCS-ranked teams.

Our winner will play in The BCS 2-team play-off National Championship Title Game.

NONE of the other top-ranked BCS teams such as Notre Dame, Oregon and Kansas State have even

1-win that compares with that


after our SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome 4 pm 2 weeks' from tomorrow.

Our SEC fans will not allow anything short of the winner of the Best Conference, with TWO (2) huge big wins over BCS Top 7 teams, playing and representing 7 of the top 9.