Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Auburn Football: Where There's Smoke There's Infernos

Auburn football is under NCAA investigation yet again. This time for recruiting violations. I guess when you escape clean after paying Cam Newton to play, you feel somewhat invincible to incrimination. The Tiger program is the O.J. Simpson of college football. I can just hear Johnny Cochran now, "If the wide receiver gloves don't fit, you must acquit"! But I digress...You would have been correct if you surmised that assistant coach Trooper Taylor was involved in this inquiry. He is definitely the "Devil in Disguise" at Auburn. Taylor will do absolutely anything to win. There are no scruples with this guy. Auburn is on the brink of having their entire football operations come crashing down. Their season is more than a disaster, their coach is more than half-way out the door, and the NCAA is more than half-way in the door. They've already played their mulligan with the 'Newton Affair', so this thing isn't looking too good for them. Just sayin...

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