Monday, November 19, 2012

Tennessee: A Team That Continues In Transition

Derek Dooley is out at Tennessee after three seasons where the Volunteers compiled a 15-21 record under his leadership. The team was 12-13 in the two years prior to his hiring. Dooley's teams were a meager 4-19 against SEC opponents, which included Tennessee's first loss to lowly Kentucky in 26 years, and last weekend's blowout loss to a "Wanna-Be" Vanderbilt team 41-18. Going into the Vandy game, the Volunteers had won 34 of the last 35 meetings against their in-state rivals. The failure of a faked punt inside their own 20, which by the way was probably the worst call in the history of college football (at least Top 10), and the first half benching of starting quarterback Tyler Bray, ultimately sealed UT's and Dooley's fate. Dooley, who was only 17-20 at Louisiana Tech before going to Knoxville, was just in over his head in the SEC. It is true that he inherited a terrible situation at Tennessee (just don't blame Bush!), but a lot like Georgia's Ray Goff years ago, he just wasn't ready for that big stage. Dooley and the Vols will both move on now, but in what direction is anybody's guess. It's fine with me to let Ole Smokey keep on sleepin'. You know, keep things rocky on 'Rocky Top'. Just Sayin...

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