Monday, November 12, 2012

Derek Dooley: Don't Worry Derek, You'll Know It

Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley said, "Everybody said I was fired, and I didn't even know it". Dooley is 15-30 in his three years at the helm in Tennessee. He has a 4-18 record against SEC opponents, and has lost 13 of the last 14 to conference schools. His Volunteer teams are 0-15 against top 25 programs. Saturday, he passed on the chance to beat Missouri in regulation, choosing instead to lose to them in overtime. This campaign, Tennessee is 4-6 with not a single SEC victory. They have conference games remaining against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. The Volunteers are a 4-point underdog to the Commodores this weekend, but Dooley thinks a 6-6 record will save his job. I think the Tennessee athletic director knows this is Dooley's last stand. Dooley will know it as well in less than two weeks.  Just sayin...

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