Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Must-Visit Sports Locations

Sports Illustrated Vault has a gallery of 10 must-visit sports locations. It's pretty interesting and has a couple of surprises, as well as omissions, as for as Opinion On Sports is concerned. SI's list includes: Fenway Park (of course), St. Andrews (shown above, definitely), Beijing National Stadium (?), Wrigley Field (absolutely!), Lambeau Field (yes), Allen Fieldhouse (Univ. of Kansas - maybe), Churchhill Downs (definitely), Florida Field ( Univ. fo Florida - heck no SI, too many other college football venues you could have selected), Daytona International Speedway (o.k., but wouldn't you select Indianapolis first?), and Madison Square Garden (no argument there).
I'm sure some of you are thinking Yankee Stadium, The Dean E. Smith Center on the campus of UNC, Wimbledon, Augusta National, Pauley Pavilion at UCLA, Pebble Beach and others. So with all the choices, SI didn't do so bad after all. O.O.S. gives 'em a B-!

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