Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ESPN: Make a Few Cuts...Please!

We all know that ESPN is the "Worldwide Leader in Sports". Wall to wall sports coverage. Innovative, progressive, powerful, encompassing. There wear all the superlatives well. Except for one thing. They have too many ex-jocks trying to be commentators. Heck, many of them can't even speak the English language correctly. I understand taking advantage of their expertise in their given field, but they fail miserably when they attempt to be broadcast journalists. Why so many trying to say the same thing? I noticed yesterday on an NFL segment, there was one "ESPN guy" with three retired players. When they do that, I get the impression they are all trying to outdo the other. And to say they over-analyze is a tremendous understatement. Did you ever wonder what the payroll is at ESPN? It has to be astronomical, but it could be cut back easily. One of my first 'cuts' would be 'Ole Loose Bolts (Lou Holtz). Why on earth does the network keep him around? Temperamental Bobby Knight would be gone, along with the biggest mouth in all of the world of commentary, none other than Mr. Stephen A. Smith. I realize he's not a jock, but boot him out with the rest. Speaking of Smiths, Cowboy #22 Emmitt would have to go also. He's much better at dancing and running than he is at enunciating. What's up with Marshall Faulk behind a microphone? Give me a break! I could go on and on with this list, and I know you have a list of your own. (And I bet it includes Joe Morgan!). Post your comments and let us see some of the names you "love to hate". And ESPN, cut us some slack...PLEASE!

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