Friday, August 8, 2008

"Brett the Jet"

The Brett Favre "Out of Retirement" saga has come to a close. Brett is now a New York Jet. Let the games begin! I have no problem with Favre wanting to play again. Michael Jordan retired and chose to come back. Reggie White did also. Magic as well. Heck, in everyday life people retire from their regular jobs only to come back, or even enter a new line of work. It is a choice that a lot of people have. But I do believe Brett could have done a few things differently to keep the "drama" down a bit. First of all, he should never have announced his retirement last March if he felt pressured to do so by the Packers. I'm Brett Favre, I wrestle with this retirement thing every year, it's nothing new, I'm going fishing, good-bye. But since he indeed did announce his retirement, when he made up his mind to play again, he should have called the Packer front office and said, "I just faxed my reinstatement request to the commissioner's office. When he approves it , Ill see you in camp". At that point he would have held all the cards. If the Pack actually had moved on to Aaron Rogers, there's no way they would have let Favre hang around long. His mere presence would have triggered a quick trade, probably to the team of Brett's choosing, if not his outright release. Their only other move would have been to make him the starter and put Rogers back on the shelf for a little(?) longer. That would have been Brett's, as well as the Packer Nation's, first choice all along. Whatever road the team chose to take, they would have taken it with haste. Now, odd man out, and odd man in. The odd man in is definitely Aaron Rogers. He will have to approach perfection to win over the Green Bay faithful. After all, he's trying to replace a living legend. One day he will be the answer to a sports trivia question: who succeeded Brett Favre as the Packer quarterback in 2008? I promise you, not many football fans will remember the correct answer. It isn't going to be pretty in the land of the"Cheese-Head". The odd man out has to be Chad Pennington, whom the Jets released after signing Favre. I'm sure he thinks he got a raw deal, but Chad would have to admit he's had plenty of chances to secure that job over the years. No one to blame but himself. But on the other hand, this release might just be the best thing that ever happened to his career. I think it was time for him to move on anyway. So, once Pennington is signed by another club, the 2008 season can begin to play itself out for these three quarterbacks. In a perfect world, it would be a win, win, win scenario. But the NFL is far from a perfect world. In baseball, one out of three is considered a success, but I don't think that average will fly in this football thing. Oh well, I guess we will all just have to follow the season and see have it plays out. At least for now, we don't have to deal with the soap opera anymore.

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