Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trinton Sturdivant: We Will Miss You Greatly "Big Guy"

Georgia Bulldog left offensive tackle Trinton Sturdivant suffered a season ending knee injury in the Bulldogs first preseason scrimmage Monday. Sturdivant was our best and most experienced lineman who operated out of our most crucial OL position. This is a huge, huge loss. I didn't say it was one we couldn't overcome, but it is close to being termed devastating. I'm not trying to cry about this loss or blow it out of proportion, but I am trying to relate the significance of this injury at this position. As most fans are aware, we have been lacking in experience and depth on our OL for the last few years. The situation is much better now, so we do have some options in regards to replacing Trinton. But now we are forced to move everyone around to cover for this shortage and then you wonder about the depth situation again. But hey, injuries are as much a part of football as the bounce of the ball. Every team suffers them, and every team has to adjust. You just really hate it when it's season ending for a young man who has worked so hard and expectations are so high. But he will recover and rehabilitate from his reconstructive knee surgery and be back for three more solid years. I hate to remind all of us Dawg fans, but this will not be the only hurdle we will face between now and December. We will get a chance to see just how good we are in many aspects. By that I mean character will play as big or bigger a part than talent. The really great teams have a combination of both.

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