Friday, August 15, 2008

Atlanta Braves: A Cycle Won't Prevent a Sweep, Even From Row 10!

I spent last evening at Turner Field, or perhaps I should say 'Wrigley Field South', because there were probably more Cubs fans in attendance than Braves fans. If not outnumbered, we were certainly out vocalized. But then again, they have a product to be vocal about. We just want football season to begin. And quickly. The Braves are just a 'lame-duck' team right now. They are ready for football season also. They want to put an end to all the misery. They are not a very good team at this point. The caliber of baseball being played by the home team at "The Ted" is strangely inadequate. We aren't accustomed to this after all those consecutive years of division titles. The Cubbies not only swept us, they obliterated us. The Richmond Braves would not have fared much worse. But my excursion to the A-T-L was not all in vain. My seats were fantastic, row 10 behind the right-hand batters box! Awesome! It was like having those court side seats at a hoops game when you can actually hear the 'squeaking' of the Nikes (or Adidas, or Reebok, or PF Flyers) on the court. And I got to see Mark Kotsay hit for the cycle. He's the first Brave to accomplish this feat since 1987. You just don't see a guy hit a single, double, triple, and homer at the ballpark every day. That was pretty special. I also was witness to one of those 'bench clearing brawls' that MLB stages every so often. You know, where some guys hold back the two initiators and all the other guys run on to the field and inquire about each others families. Not quite the WWE, but just as harmless. Not to mention the fact that it gave all of the fans a reason to stand up for a few minutes. I got to see Tom Glavine pitch. He didn't pitch very well (and that's being very kind), but it was a treat to see a future Hall of Fame pitcher live from those row 10 seats. I saw Chipper Jones make a fantastic bare handed play at third base. Right in front of us from, you got it, those great row 10 seats! The Cubs fans were even impressed with that one! I just can't believe it did not make Sports Center's Top 10 Plays this morning. It was certainly worthy of that status. Nevertheless, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate by trip to the game a 10. Having to pay $6.50 for a beer almost kept it from being a 10, but getting to do all this as a father-son combo was a 10 in itself! Now I'm really ready for some football...

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