Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gerogia Tech Has New Uniforms...

If it looks like a Jacket, acts like a Jacket, and plays like a Jacket, then it must be a Jacket. New uniforms or not. What's all this racket with the Jackets anyway? New Head Coach. Brand new offensive system. Now new uni's. And you didn't even have to sign with Under Armour after they courted you. I guess it took that kick in the butt for Russell Athletic to come off that stale look they've had for years. Speaking of butt kickings, that consecutive losing streak you've got mounting up against the Dawgs wouldn't have anything to do with this face lift would it? You wouldn't be trying to top those new black jerseys over in Athens would you? Of course not! How silly of me! You know you'll always be the 'stepchild of the state'. But I will give you credit for trying. Next time try changing the school's colors. That vomit gold just ain't gittin' it done!

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