Friday, October 24, 2008

West Virginia 34 - Auburn 17

Auburn is not supposed to give up 34 points to a Big East team. Not at home, nor on the road. A perennial SEC power is not supposed to allow that to happen. Especially one that is known for its physical style of play. But it did happen Thursday night at West Virginia. The Mountaineers soundly defeated the Tigers, even though they trailed at halftime. Auburn failed to show up for the second half, and the West Virginia team that had been M.I.A. all season finally came to life. And now you have to wonder what's going on on the Plains of Auburn. They are sinking faster than the stock market, and we all are aware of how fast that is. They fire their offensive coordinator and return to the ground attack they were always known for, but only manage to put 17 on the board (and they got the benefit of two 'no calls' on their first drive to do that). And where's the "D"? All those speedy, quick linebackers and hard-hitting safeties? Hey, what's the deal , Tub? And speaking of Tommy Tuberville, he'll be dodging more bullets than the Cisco Kid(and that's a lot of bullets if you recall who 'ole Cisco was). I wonder if that Auburn greeting of "War Eagle" will be replaced by "Terrible Tiger"... Just a thought... It's fine with me it that Tiger sleeps for another three weeks!

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