Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's the Big Deal?

What is all the fuss about? And who cares anyway? I'm referring to the accusations against Brett Favre that he called the Detroit Lions prior to their September 14th game with the Green Bay Packers and gave them inside information regarding the Packers. In case you're wondering, Green Bay won the game 48-25. If Favre gave the Lions anything, it sure as heck wasn't too valuable. The Packer Nation is said to be hot at Brett for supposedly back-stabbing them. They should be tickled to death. They should wish he would talk to all of the Packs' opposition if they're going to win by 20+ points. It sounds to me like he gave 'em false info if he gave 'em anything. Heck, the Lions are the ones who should be miffed at Brett. Yea, "we can lose by 23 without your help". Hey "Frozen Tundra Boys", you're winning without Favre. Get off his case. I promise you he has more than enough to worry about in New York without sitting around thinking of ways to hurt the Packers. His Jets are more than a handful of headaches for themselves. Rest assured, Brett and the Jets don't have time for the Pack. I don't believe Brett Favre gave the Lions diddly. That's a bunch of bogus crap. The only time he would do that is if the Jets and Pack ever met up. Then he'd tell more than one of O.J.'s colleagues trying to get a sentence reduced. And that's would be sharing an awful lot of info!

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